We don’t restrict ourselves to just one profession, no matter how effective it is! Although chiropractic can treat much much more, it is a fact that the majority of our patients present with back and neck pain.

Research has shown that the most effective way to approach the majority of these conditions is to combine the powerful effects of chiropractic with those of physiotherapy.

We are based in Brighton and also supply many chiropractic tools and equipment to many surgeons across the country, one of our best sellers is the “Chiropractic Activator” which is essential to healing back and neck pains, we buy all our products from a Brighton based company called”Chiro Supply” they offer us some truly amazing deals and the products are always of the highest quality.

Natural Healing With Chiropractic Services

– Chiropractic Adjustment/Manipulation
– Physical Therapy
– Injury Rehabilitation with a Licensed Physical Therapist
or Personal Trainer
– Therapeutic Massage (Including deep tissue, sport, reflexology, etc.)
– Ergonomic Instruction
– Acupunture/Herbal Consultation
– Wellness Seminars
– Therapeutic Massage
– Trigger Point
– Reduce Muscle Hypertonicity

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What can chiropractic treatments do for you?

– Improve Your Health
– Promote Healing
– Relieve Pain Quickly
– Reduce Swelling
– Relax Tight Muscles
– Incresase & Maintain Motion
– Work Preventatively Relieving the Frequency &
Severity of Future Problems
– Improve Coordination
– Decrease Stress

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